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Photo Fringe is open to all and everyone's invited.

Our tenth biennial Photo Fringe festival is scheduled to run 6–30 October 2022 with exhibitions and events taking place online and in venues across and beyond Brighton & Hove.

As ever, our open-platform festival will present a stimulating mix of self-curated shows and work selected from open calls in galleries, cafés, pop-up venues, outdoor installations and other extraordinary spaces. Lens-based practitioners of all career stages and working in any genre are invited to join our mission to develop new ways of seeing together.

Photo Fringe 2022: Real Utopias

“The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it is to imagine what is possible.”
bell hooks

Our chosen theme for 2022 is Real Utopias, a call to action for Photo Fringers and audiences to explore how photography can help us imagine a brighter, greener, fairer world.

As we emerge from the depths of the pandemic, learning to cope with new challenges and global emergencies, the future feels increasingly unsettled. Real Utopias takes the here and now as a starting point for dreaming and visualising a better future.

We're looking forward to different interpretations of Real Utopias and as usual understand that not all shows will address the theme directly. All exhibitors are welcome.

Details of our open call opportunities, networking events and workshops will be released soon.

Just as for our most recent festival, all our exhibitors, whether they're exhibiting in a physical venue or not, will also be able to use a series of easy to use flexible templates to exhibit their work digitally on our festival website.

In response to exhibitor feedback, this year we're also introducing an online shop. Photo Fringe exhibitors will be able to link their digital exhibitions directly to our marketplace and control their own transactions.

We are waiting to hear the results of funding bids and all being well, aim to officially open registration for exhibitors in late August.

Photo Fringe 2022 Exhibitor Fees

In-venue and digital:
Solo Exhibition (up to 15 images exhibited online) - £72
Group exhibition (up to 30 images images exhibited online) - £120

Digital only:
Solo Exhibition (up to 15 images exhibited online) - £50
Group exhibition (up to 30 images images exhibited online) - £90

All digital exhibitors can link their work to an online shop.

Photo Fringe is a small dynamic charity that acts as a collective umbrella. We provide a supportive context for anyone to exhibit their photographic work. We invite artists to self-curate and promote their own exhibitions, organise events and evaluate their experience. We operate with a DIY ethos and promote peer to peer networking and mutual support; self-reliance; and high production values. We want everyone to feel included and welcome.

Photo Fringe will advertise venue opportunities and market the festival, connecting artists with new audiences. We programme engagement activities and, funding permitting, produce key open calls such as our OPEN Digital, OPEN Eco, OPEN Young Photographers and our Collectives Hub at Phoenix Art Space. Within the limits of our very small freelance team, Photo Fringe supports exhibitors to enjoy and make the most of this potentially career-changing opportunity.

Please be sure to sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our Instagram channel to be amongst the first to know about our news and opportunities. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact

[Above] Reflections Of Us installation, BPF2018, image ©Jamila Prowse

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