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Adam Brown: Calibration – Inner Circle (Sequential Concentric version)

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Edition of 10 with 1 AP

76.2 x 76.2cm

C-type print on Fuji Crystal Archive Velvet

The concentric rings of the ‘inner circle’ piece are formed from a collection of discs from the sequence of images shot by circumnavigating the Inner Circle of Regent’s Park, placed in layers. Each ring is the edge of a sphere, not a disc. The effect of superimposition renders the movement of light at the position of the photographer as a gesture or line, and the incidental juxtaposition of colours and tones makes each colour appear more vivid. 

The ‘Calibration’ series takes influences from painting, photography and CGI to explore the immediate experience of light in space, experimenting with surface, form and exposure to produces ambiguous images which could be read as either records of past light or ‘calibrators’ by which future light is to be adjusted. Shot with the intention to be juxtaposed in sequences or simple formations, spaces are created which appear ‘wrong’ in terms of perspective and the traditional language of form, but reveal multiple paradoxes of depth and colour perception using a simple visual language.

Adam Brown is course director for the BA(Hons) Photography and Imaging at London South Bank University, and works with the sculptural and performative aspects of photography. His projects - including award winning collaborations with architects, games designers - have all played with photography as a practice that requires the viewer to do something, and the way in which technology changes behaviour. He also writes and publishes on the socio- economic impact of technological change and urban development, and the way cities turn into images and vice versa.

Larger sizes available on request.