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Alexandra Lethbridge: Torso 01

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Edition of 6

50 x 35cm

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

The Archive of Gesture is a series comprised of found images, still life photography, and digital interventions, using collage and sculpture to look at the role of hands in communication. 

Unspoken forms of communication such as gestures play a large role in our everyday lives, gestures can be manipulative, and information delivered in this way can be miscommunicated and misleading. Gestures can be misused and misinterpreted. But what happens in the absence of gesture?

Alexandra Lethbridge is a conceptual artist working with photography and installation. Her practice includes the use of found and appropriated imagery, sculpture, and moving image.

Recurring themes in her work are deception, misinformation, visual truth, and the consumption of information. She grounds her work with scientific research and contrasts these theories with experimental image-making. Most recently, she had a solo exhibition in 2022 as part of Belfast Photo Festival.