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Alison Bettles: Of All Likenesses (print 2)

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Edition of 9

15.3cm x 20.5cm

Silver gelatin prints on fibre based paper 

Alison's photographic practice is consistently connected and centred within the familial and domestic space as well as the relationship that exists between photography and sculpture. Alison uses found, inherited and household objects creating ephemeral installations and set-ups questioning the ambiguous line between the photography, representation and reality. Referencing the principles of pointing, an ancient method by which a design is transferred into marble, this series questions the complex relationship between the 2D and 3D and how we experience the unique or unusual within the recognizable and overlooked.

Alison Bettles is a photographer based in East Sussex. She completed her MA at Brighton University in 2011 and has been an artist educator, mentor and curator since graduating. She is currently chair of PhotoHastings.