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Caroline Charrel: Foundations I

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Edition of 10

Image size 22 x 33 cm

Paper size 42 x 53 cm

Machine made gelatin silver lambda prints on glossy fibre paper, 2021.

Kingston is a new centre for London in terms of its speed of development, but it’s an old town. This isn’t always evident to visitors. And while it’s easy to assume that, outside the city centre, nature and the river are wilder and easier to access, this too can be a misconception. Many places here are privatised and fenced up along Kingston’s riverside. This is a project about aspiration, deception, and the hidden beauty to be found in neglected places.

Caroline Charrel is a French photographer and artist. With a background in architecture, she specialised in the making of images including film photography, digital works and hand-drawings. Her photography is focused on the ways people shape, project and memorise spaces. After assisting Hélène Binet in her London studio, she now works primarily with film photography.