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Colleen Slater: Odyssey #2

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Edition of 40

38.5cm x 37cm

Giclée print on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm, 2022.

A concrete wall at Brighton marina has become a gateway to a voyage of discovery across its surface. Curious alterations, marks and imperfections, reveal a world of textures, colours, rhythms and subtleties which allude to otherworldly landscapes. The aim is to evoke emotional responses and create beautiful, fascinating and intriguing images out of the unlikely subject matter.

Colleen Slater is a professional photographer, lecturer and associate of the Royal Photographic Society. With a BA in Fine Art, she is a macro specialist with an interest in small things and a desire to show the world in unusual, unexpected ways. Her evocative, atmospheric and intimate images draw attention to the ordinary, often unnoticed things in the everyday world. Her work is shown in British and International exhibitions and has been published in various magazines.