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Iana Mizguina: Oak transverse

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Edition of 3, with 2 AP

Paper size 44x27cm

Image size 40x23cm

Silver gelatine print on Ilford B&W RC Pearl, 2022.

'hylē' is a series of unique analogue prints made by projecting wood samples/slices on photographic paper. Furthermore, by manipulating each image with hand puncturing, I could imitate the feel of the surface of the wood. The work is inspired by research into haptic perception (process of recognising objects through touch) in natural studies and the possibilities of creating a material replica.

Iana Mizguina (b.1987) is a visual artist based in Farnham, UK.Her work reflects on ways of observing nature and how such frameworks determine a subject-object relationship. It explores ideas of control, the commodification of nature, and disconnection from the environment. She graduated with a MA in Photography Arts from the University of Westminster in 2020. Recent group shows include Impression Remains, main exhibition of Helsinki Darkroom Festival at The Finnish Museum of Photography.