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Matthew Garbutt: Unit of Work #3

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Photographic Print on Giclée Fine Art Paper, 2022. 

Unit of Work is a visual journey through the industrial estates / areas, business parks and retail outlets Matthew passed through while on his travels around England in 2022. Typically populated by simple, functional constructions with corrugated surfaces, brickwork and folding / sliding doors, these areas still manage to offer an appealing mixture of shapes, colours, patterns and textures which Matthew has tried to capture in this selection. Some of the structures are new, some are old, some are falling apart - but all have a beauty in their mundanity.

Matthew is a Brighton & Hove-based photographer, his pictures represent his exploration of the overlooked and unloved corners of the urban landscape, with compositions focussing on forms, colours, patterns and texture. Matthew likes to find beauty in the banality of the built environment - back streets, industrial estates, concrete jungles, old ports, car parks, tatty seaside resorts - the ordinary is extraordinary.